4 Best 9004 Led Headlight Bulbs (2019)

Led Headlight Bulbs

Conventional head bulbs with a 9004 base combine the dipped and main beam, which works alternately. Drivers are not always happy with the headlights, and the halogen dipped beam headlight is often not enough in the dark. In this case, you can install the 9004 led headlight bulb, characterized by lower power consumption and greater brightness.

The main thing is to choose the right quality led bulb that will fully satisfy the needs of the car owner and at the same time, will not blind the oncoming traffic of cars.
In this article, you will take a look at the best-LED bulbs equipped with a 9004 base for a car. Such light bulbs most often use in the 9004 high low beam headlight, they can illuminate long-distance lighting on roads.

Led Headlight Bulbs

  • Genssi LED. A set of light bulbs with a moderate price tag, which optimized for the simplest and fastest assembly. Light bulbs characterized by an extended service life, excellent support for given color temperature. In practice, it shows itself as an effective option for illuminating the road with pleasant radiation — one of the best options for value for money. Power parameters can be called average, but for most situations, it is quite enough.

Genssi LED

  • X-Treme Ultitron from Philips, but with a set of LEDs for the 9004 bases. A distinctive feature of the model is its excellent reliability and exemplary build quality. There are simply no competitors in the market in terms of strength. Special technology helps to ensure the concentration of glow, making the review even better. In terms of light intensity, it demonstrates indicators at the level of LEDs of the highest premium class, while the price tag is quite adequate and meets all the advantages of the light bulbs. LEDs are not afraid of vibration and shock loads, create an effective white light. But the kit does not provide a snag for the on-board computer. This result can be considered a drawback.

X-Treme Ultitron from Philips

  • M3 9004. If we talk about which domestic LED headlights for a car will be better among light bulbs with a 9004 base, then here definitely one of the priority options will be the product of the LedoAuto company. Great kit with a low budget. It provides an effective cooling system with a fan; the light bulb enclosed in a solid aluminum case. The battery life is an impressive 50 thousand hours. A high protection class IP68 distinguishes the bulbs — it based on Cree LEDs. The bulbs distinguished by impressive functionality and excellent power parameters, namely 35 W for each LED. It can withstand temperatures in the range from -45 to +105 degrees Celsius.

M3 9004

  • JDMASTAR 10000 LM. Clearlight’s entire Flex line can describe as pleasing in cost and with excellent performance. Diodes provide an accurate and directional glow, which will be appreciated by the car owner and drivers of oncoming vehicles. It is only important to make sure the vehicle is compatible with these lights. To do this, go to the manufacturer’s official website. The power of the light bulb is 30 W, and the color temperature here is 6500K with a light flux of 10000 Lumen. The disadvantages include the only incompatibility with some cars.


They are proven and well-proven LEDs that are worth paying attention to it.

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