5 Steps to Change Car Headlight to H3 Led Bulb

At night, the view of a motorist is severely limited, so each car has more or less powerful headlights that provide light. In recent years, these have developed different types and types. The incandescent lamps are now available in many different designs. The models label with identifiers such as H7, H4, H3, and H1. These marks provide information about size, base shape, and luminous efficacy. It is essential to look around for the best headlight type before any conversion, the respective test report on the lamps and bulbs to read, and in the best case to find a test winner that suits you. Since not only lights but also car spare parts are generally a large selection, it is advisable to always consult before buying a test.

With the car LED light has been introduced for years by car manufacturers, the daytime running lights as a standard feature. There are also corresponding directives of the European Union, which currently prescribe this. However, so far, only for new cars. For existing vehicles, there is the appropriate kit for retrofitting. In this article, we will show you how to change the original headlight bulb to H3 led bulb correctly in 5 steps.

Change Car Headlight

1. Preparation

You do NOT have to disconnect the car battery to change the H3 light bulb (s). The effort would be too big, and you could do too much wrong, which then leads to a workshop visit no longer over. However, you should not touch the live parts either.

2. Access to the old light bulb

Now you should move the way to your previous light bulbs. A jacket of the spotlight housing still protects most of these. You will have to disconnect or unscrew it if it interferes with it. Mostly this is not as tricky as the next step.

3. Remove the old light bulb

If you now have access to the previous H3 light bulb, try turning it out carefully. Try not to leave fingerprints on the reflector at this step. It would be tough to clean it afterward.

4. Mount the new bulb

Now you can unpack your new H3 led bulb. Please put on gloves so that they do not leave any finger fat on the new bulbs as this can reduce their lifespan. Now turn the light bulb in the place where the ancients were mounted. Make sure that it sits tight, but does not break.

5. Completion

Now it is almost done. Screw on or clamp on all protective components, close the bonnet and start a test procedure. If there are any leftover parts left, you should check again to see if you had forgotten something to mount.


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