Buying Guide on Types of Car Bulbs

Buying Guide on Types of Car Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are the most common product that most vehicles use today. They consist of a glass cylinder and filaments, which are usually made of Tungsten and a mixture of gases such as iodine and bromine. This combination of gases is right for regenerating the filaments. 

These types of bulbs, even working at such high temperatures (3200ºK), higher than the conventional light bulbs. They have a longer life and a higher luminous efficiency (they will give us approximately 2000 hours of light). 

The most common used halogen bulbs are the H4 model, H7 model, H11 model, H1 model, 9005 model, and 9006 model. H4 model is double beams while others are single beam light bulbs.

Buying Guide on Types of Car Bulbs

Xenon Bulbs

The xenon bulb uses a combination of mercury vapor and halogen gases (iodine, bromine, etc.). Depending on the gases used, the emission of light will be different colors, hence the bluish or whiter lights. 

The bulb consists of two aligned electrodes, which are similar to the filaments of the halogen bulbs but better than filaments. To light up this bulb, a 30,000V discharge is necessary. After the ignition, the bulb is operated with a current of higher intensity to achieve maximum lumen output, and then a reactance is responsible for regulating the current. 

The advantage of the hid bulb is that, with the development of the reflectors in headlights housing, the luminosity is increased, and the duration of the bulbs is more than 2500h. Besides, it consumes less Watts (35W = 3200lums).

Buying Guide on Types of Car Bulbs

Led Lights

The LEDs have an operation similar to the light-emitting diodes. A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that allows the circulation of electric current through it in only one direction. Well, the LED begins to emit light by passing a specific voltage. The more voltage, the more light intensity we will get. A characteristic of the car LED headlight bulb is that the lights can be of different colors and applied in different areas of the car, including an interior dome light, exterior turn signal light, reverse light, brake light, H1 led bulb for fog light or DRL.

The advantages of car led bulb against the other bulb types are:

-You save on the maintenance of light bulbs.

-Its operation in this environment at 10,000 hours of service.

-It responds instantly, and consumption is very low.

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