How are 9006 Led Bulbs Tested in Lab?

9006 Led Bulbs Tested in Lab

The 9006 Led Bulbs Test examines all the factors responsible for good lighting and safe driving experience. In the test, we will evaluate the 9006 led bulb according to the metrologically recorded data and the subjectively perceived quality of the illumination. For an excellent rating in the 9006 led bulbs test, not only maximum brightness is essential, but also the light distribution and the light cone formed by dipped and main beam. The road should illuminate in such a way that the near field and the far-field equally include. At the same time, it must ensure that oncoming traffic is not dazzled on both straight and curved roads.

On a excellent headlight bulb, it must have a precise light beam pattern and clear cut-off line. This factor decides the quality of the safety of the light bulb. In a 9006 led bulbs test, the adaptive headlights are not included. With the adaptive headlight, we can improve the lighting effect on curved areas; however, since most vehicles equipped with this feature, only cars with conventional headlamp designs are used for the 9006 bulbs test.

9006 Led Bulbs Tested in Lab

A crucial test point is the life of the halogen bulbs. Longlife halogen bulbs should reach a lifetime that at least meets the manufacturer’s promise. This is simulated in a test laboratory by premature aging of the lamps. In addition to objective measurement data, psychological factors also influence the perception of a light source.

When evaluating the light cone, it is also taken into account how well the individual objects reflect in the spotlight. Typical and dangerous traffic situations in the dark are crossing cyclists, dark-clad people, and wildlife. But also attached laterally and above the roadway traffic, the 9006 bulbs should illuminate signs and signposts.

9006 bulbs sit in watertight headlight housings of the vehicle. Nevertheless, it may come due to leakage due to the ingress of water in the reflector. In a 9006 led bulb test, it is therefore also checked whether the lamps continue to fulfill their function when in contact with water. Finally, the price-performance ratio of 9006 bulbs consider. As it turns out, there is good lamp quality for little money and even the 9006 bulbs test winner scores with an excellent price-performance ratio.

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