How do H13 Car Headlight Bulb Work?

H13 Car Headlight Bulb

Like conventional incandescent bulbs, H13 bulbs have a tungsten wire that lights up when the voltage is applied. In the ordinary incandescent bulb, the tungsten evaporates over time and settles on the inside of the glass bulb, which leads in the long run to a partial blackening of the glass bulb and consequently to reduced luminous efficacy. In conventional incandescent bulbs, the glass bulb must be at a sufficient distance from the tungsten wire to avoid excessive heating of the glass. Since the most compact form of an incandescent bulb desire in cars, the maximum light output is limited.

When halogen bulb working, tungsten is released and deposited on the filament again by a noble gas inside the halogen bulb. This tungsten-halogen cycle avoids the blackening of the glass bulb. The glass bulb can be compact and consists of halogen bulbs made of quartz glass, which withstands the high internal pressure and higher temperatures.

Bright driving light is crucial for road safety. At twilight and night, the headlights illuminate the streets and give the driver orientation. The farther the light beam reaches and the better the near and far areas illuminated, the faster the driver can react to unforeseen traffic situations. Modern H13 bulbs score with high efficiency and proper illumination of the road from near to far. Decisive for the quality of light is the ratio of the luminance to the luminous area of ​​the light signal.

H13 Car Headlight Bulb

Halogen bulbs of the latest generation offer up to 130% more light output than their predecessors and give the driver a 45-meter extended range of vision. Due to the higher filament temperature, the bulbs emit a whiter light than other halogen bulbs. These bright high-performance halogen bulbs are already available from 25 dollars. Even though new high-performance lighting technologies such as Xenon and LED compete with halogen light, halogen bulbs are the first choice for many motorists for economic reasons. With H13 high-quality bulbs makes it possible to produce a brighter illumination of the track compared to H4 bulbs. Before buying, however, it is essential to differentiate the individual models of the manufacturers. Helpful here is an H13 bulb test in which the various H13 bulbs put to the test, and the H13 bulb comparison winner is determined.

On the other hand, you should be a caution to use the led conversion kits offered on the market. In many countries, they are just for off-road and illegal on the road. Led headlight bulbs are not optimally matched to the individual vehicle models and sometimes will create a not-standard light beam and dazzle oncoming traffic. Some high quality H13 led bulbs can produce high lumen output and standard light beam; they are street legal. But their price is higher because they usually offer by brand led car light manufacturers.

Many drivers are amazed after the replacement of H13 bulbs of the latest generation, in which an increase in luminosity can be achieved only by new bulbs. If you are unsure about which H13 light set to use because of the large selection in the trade, you can follow an H13 bulb test. In the H13 bulb comparison, different models of manufacturers are compared.

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