How to Choose A LED Bulb for Car?

LED Bulb for Car

First of all, you should make sure that your car headlight supports the installation of the LED bulb since not every headlight can use an LED bulb to produce a decent light beam.
Besides, the parameters of the power source must correspond to the connection characteristics of a particular optical system. Also, pay attention to the dimensions of the LED bulb. They must correspond to the dimensions of the halogen model.
Next, you need to determine the price with which you are ready to part with the purchase of goods. Thus, you can eliminate a lot of inappropriate options. But there are two things to remember:

  •  Expensive bulbs do not always live up to expectations. Often you overpay for a brand. But the quality of work and the efficiency of LED bulbs of famous brands often surpass less known ones. Moreover, when buying a bulb from an unknown manufacturer, it is likely to purchase low-quality goods.
  •  Cheap LEDs almost always work worse than expensive counterparts. Besides, their service life, as a rule, is an order of magnitude less.

LED Bulb for Car

Having decided on the choice of a bulb, read reviews about this model on the Internet. Usually, if the product does not live up to expectations, the buyer will leave a negative review. If you find several such comments, it is best to refrain from acquiring it.
Another important point is the ability to test purchased goods. Not every store will provide you with such an opportunity, but if you still have it, you should pay special attention to the radiation intensity when checking. It is necessary that the dipped and main beam function with the characteristics required for these headlights.
Because the diodes in the LED bulb are located differently than the incandescent filaments in the halogen bulb, a slightly different effect achieved when lighting the road, consider this point!
Also, pay attention to the parameter responsible for the shade of radiation; it is called “color temperature.” The most optimal option for you can be selected only by testing several types of bulbs.
Among other things, when purchasing a bulb, you should evaluate its external condition and build quality. There should not be any damage, the case must be durable, and the design is reliable and waterproof.

Besides, when you are looking for an 1156 led bulb for replacing the turn signal light bulb, you should ask the seller and make sure that the led bulb can fit your vehicle. Because led bulb in turn signal light often has a hyper-flash problem and need a decoder or resistor to solve the problem.

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