How to Install H7 Led Bulbs on BMW 5 Series?

Install H7 Led Bulbs on BMW 5 Series

I drive a 2004 BMW 5 Series. This car has only H7 halogen headlights bulbs. But the high beam can be converted to an LED headlight conversion kit; it will work better than H7 halogen headlight bulbs.

The problem is the high beam headlight bulbs installed on the back of the headlamp module; there you can’t use the led headlight bulb with heatsink because these bulbs are so long that the round cover caps on the headlight no longer fit on them.

Furthermore, the H7 bulb is not locked through the usual resilient retaining clip but with individual metal brackets, which one can not use with an LED headlight bulb with a fixed heat sink.

So you need LED headlight bulbs with strip-shaped copper fabric heat sink, which laterally flat stands away and behind the projector has space and in addition to the matching BMW 5 Series for the retaining clips.

The LEDs should sit exactly where the filament of the H7 halogen bulb sits, so no unnecessary stray light generated because the projector headlight precisely designed to a light source at this point.

The color temperature should not exceed 6000K because the detection of obstacles or pedestrians is made much more difficult by the high blue content, and the whole high luminous flux becomes meaningless. If you do not believe it should read technical information.

Furthermore, the power source modules must be clean radio interference. Otherwise, the radio reception is severely impaired. The CAN bus should also be integrable, without transcoding, etc.

Power source modules are needed because the car battery is a voltage source (keeps the voltage constant), but an LED must operate on a power source (ie, with a constant current).

Install H7 Led Bulbs on BMW 5 Series


  • Begins on the right side of the vehicle, there is more space, although as a right-hander, one would generally start on the left because it is usually lighter. So start right. If you have big hands, you need help.
  • Remove the front wheel.
  • Open the flap in the front wheel arch.
  • Turn round cap left the front; then, you see the plug sitting on the H7 bulb. Unscrew the plug counterclockwise with the plug and carefully observe how the clamp locks the lamp. There is a tab that holds the H7. Memorize and remember!
  • With a suitable screwdriver loosen the side brackets so you can pull off the plug,
  • Remove H7, original brackets too.
  • Hold the LED headlight bulbs, do not touch the LEDs, pull off one-eighth turn counterclockwise with the black mounting ring, and pull forwards.
  • Stick on the projector at the back, where the H7 bulb used to be. The mounting ring centers itself in the middle of the projector’s hole, but you now have to turn the ring to its correct position! The exact position is where the arrow points. The black mounting ring has a tab on the bottom, and this brings it with the silver tab of the projector to cover so that the right edges are precisely aligned.
  • Now insert the LED headlight bulb with its small pins into the mounting plate and turn it approx. One-eighth turn to the right. If you’ve done everything right, then the module snaps clean.
  • Now thread the cooling braids into the hole and place them evenly around the LED headlight bulb in the space behind the projector.
  • Now you connect the BMW plug to the driver, which is fixed to the LED headlight bulb wired – polarity does not matter – and places it in the bottom of the room behind the projector.
  • Check if the low beam headlight functions well. If ok, then close the round cover, close the wheel arch cover, install the wheel.
  • Convert the left side as well.
  • Then adjust the headlight range in the specialist workshop.

The H7 led bulb is not as perfect as a real LED headlight or good xenon, but it is much better than an H7 Osram Nightbreaker + 130% laser that also tried.

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