The 3 Best 9007 LED and Halogen Bulbs

LED and Halogen Bulbs

A fundamental element in the safety of your vehicle is light bulbs.

The optimum level of safety is easy to achieve by performing proper maintenance and replacing the defective bulb when necessary.

We have analyzed more than 40 models of different 9007 Led bulb and halogen bulbs by valuing lighting power, brightness, size, functionality, cooling systems, etc., finally, keep only the best 9007 bulbs on the market.

I also leave you a comparison with the best valued by users and some tips that will help you choose the 9007 bulb that best suits your needs.

LED and Halogen Bulbs

Philips 9007 bulbs Xenon effect

They incorporate high-pressure Xenon gas (13 bar), with UV quartz coating (more resistant and better withstand high temperatures).

Philips quartz crystal lamps withstand sudden temperature changes without altering.

This car bulb increases the level of driving safety by improving overall visibility by increasing the lighting on the road producing a high-gloss white light.

20% whiter light, allows projecting 35 meters of view more than traditional halogen.

130% more brightness compared to a standard bulb, you can see more distance and react faster.

Where else we will notice the difference in lighting power is with the long lights. It offers a balance between white and yellow that facilitate visibility and driving.

The only drawback is its price, which is slightly higher than other 9007 car bulbs, but its quality and safety are well worth it.

This Philips car bulb is durable (approximate lifespan of 450 H) and very resistant.

Two units come in the package.

Philips 9007 bulbs Xenon

Atom 9007 LED bulbs kit

The Atom 9007 LED headlight bulbs make a difference, its power 72 w (36 w per bulb), 9000 LM (4500 LM per bulb), will take the lighting of your vehicle further.

More than 100,000 hours long.

The lighting system with LED technology offers a wide range of image radiation, which provides a considerable increase in the quality and brightness of lighting.

The cooling system has a high-performance fan, 12,000 RPM.

This model incorporates an IP68 protection system that minimizes and avoids possible blows, humidity, or dust that could damage the bulb.

Easy installation, system (Plug and Play), does not require an additional installation. Change one for the other leaving a little space and placing the cables well so that the fan works correctly

Three-year warranty.

Atom 9007 LED bulbs kit

Philips White Vision 9007 Bulb

White Vision, high-intensity bench light xenon effect.

Longer beam pattern, with 60% more light. This aspect is vital for the improvement of driving safety.

I prefer the  IPF 2 x 9007 12V 100W – It is not a well-known brand, but I assure you that it is up to the largest and with an excellent price-quality ratio. We have tried them with excellent results.

Approved, it complies with the ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and QSO 9000 standards of the ECE. Fundamental if we want to be 100% legal with them on the road.

Color temperature up to 3700K.

The estimated average duration of 450 hours.

Philips White Vision 9007 Bulb

How to Select the Best 9007 Bulbs?


Selling 9007 bulbs there are many people out there, but they are perfect, durable and comply with what they offer there are not many.

Choosing a good brand is essential for it to guarantee the results. In, we have analyzed some of the best brands:

  • Philips: It is currently among the most valued and requested brands by buyers. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most prestigious international electronics companies. Philips = Quality.
  • OSRAM: Obviously, OSRAM could not be missing. It stands out for its high quality and reliability that satisfies the most demanding. With OSRAM, you don’t fail.
  • IPF: IPF is a famous Japan automobile lighting solution company. They produce and offer high-quality fog light and headlight bulb range from halogen to LEDs.


DOT Approved

Well, I’m going to tell you, the 9007 halogen bulbs you use must be approved.

With this, we will avoid possible problems such as sudden loss of power in the lighting, potential damage to our car for not complying with the regulations (Do not forget that this type of lamps reaches high temperatures), not to mention possible economic sanctions.

The NHTSA regulations limit any modification we make to vehicles, for example, if we make any changes to our car that is not regulated, it can lead to loss of insurance.

LED and Halogen Bulbs


According to the halogen bulb, we choose, it will have the strength or another. The better the Quality of it, the more hours of light it will give us.

A good brand will ensure maximum Quality of brightness and light together with a longer duration.

The average duration of a 9007 halogen bulb is between 450 and 1500 hours.

In our comparison, I have not included the Philips 9007 Long Life Ecovision bulb that has an estimated average duration of 1500 hours of use because although they are the most durable we have analyzed, they are not the ones that will give us more intensity of light and brightness.

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