The 8 Advantages of Led Car Lights

Led Car Lights

Halogen lights often cannot last long, which creating many problems for the motorist, so they are interested in and willing to try led car lights. They shine brightly, they are reliable, have a long lifespan, and have another advantage. But the technology of led car light is not mature until today. The Cars with a led headlight in the basic configuration are expensive. People tend to buy the aftermarket led car lights to install by themselves. So I think it is necessary to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of installing these led car lights. Well, you know LED is good, but you should know what makes them so good.

Led Car Lights

Pros and Cons of LEDs

LEDs in cars began to use in recent years. It should note that today, many car manufacturers produce LED car bulbs. For example, Audi cars in the basic configuration already come with LED headlights.
Before you start choosing such led bulbs, you need to figure out why to change conventional halogen bulbs in cars to LEDs.
The reasons may be different, for a better look at the car, for energy saving, for brighter lighting, and so on. It should note that every year, the number of supporters of the use of automotive LEDs is growing. This result is due to the rather significant advantages of such bulbs. Here are the main ones:

1, The LED is perfect than the incandescent bulb. It shines much brighter while having the same power. As the quality of lighting improves, other drivers see your car better. Using T10 led bulb in dome light, you will feel much comfortable while sitting in a car and just like sitting at home.

2, LEDs are not afraid of temperature fluctuations and shakes, which are possible when driving on Russian roads.
3, Such bulbs are not afraid of moisture so that they can freely use for external tuning of the machine.
4, The compact size of these bulbs allows you to install them virtually anywhere.
5, The economy of LEDs is beyond praise. They burn brighter, last longer 2500 hours of continuous operation) while consuming ten times less electricity. Thus, the efficiency of each bulb is much higher.
6, LEDs do not heat up during operation, which cannot say about traditional incandescent bulbs, from which plastic parts can melt.

7, Using LEDs, you can significantly improve the appearance of your car. That is the reason why people like to replace the reverse light to a 921 led bulb. A brighter led backup light will help you park the car well at night and also make your car look better.

8, The LED lights up for 0.2 seconds. Earlier than a conventional incandescent bulb. Sometimes it saves from accidents.

Led Car Lights

However, before choosing LEDs, you need to understand their disadvantages to make an informed decision. Here are the main disadvantages of these lighting elements:

1, High price. This price is the main minus. The production of LEDs requires a lot of money. Therefore, the bulbs are not cheap. Most likely, in the future, they will become cheaper, but at the moment, the motorist will have to pay several times more money for LEDs than for ordinary bulbs. This output scares off many motorists.

2, Inadequacy of auto electronics. For example, when installing an LED bulb in a turn signal, you can get frequent blinking (sometimes resembling a strobe light). To fix this, you will need to install additional resistance, which will negate all the savings.

These pluses and minuses should consider when choosing LEDs for the car.

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