The Better Bulb Types for Your Car Optics

The Better Bulb Types for Your Car Optics

We are pleased to share with you the main reasons for buying LED lighting for cars. The car headlights and signal lights are the most important part in the configuration of the car. It not only ensures the comfort of the vehicle, but also is a safety feature. This is an axiom which in no case should be neglected because the vehicle is one of the main sources of danger.

Most motorists are extremely careful in choosing headlights and individual elements of the lighting system. They install more modern analogues instead of old, inefficient incandescent bulbs.

Today you can buy auto light from the best manufacturers of lamps and components of automotive optics.

At the same time, when choosing an auto light, a number of parameters must be taken into account.

  • type of lamp (incandescent, halogen, xenon, LED);
  • marking (C – low beam; R – high beam; CR – dual-mode models)
  • lamp power;
  • compatibility with the standard equipment of the car;
  • price, worth or not

Bulb Types For Car Optics

According to experts, the time of dim and short-lived incandescent lamps is a thing of the past. There are relevant innovative technologies that allow for maximum visibility of the track and good visibility in any (which is very important!) Weather.


– Halogen Light. They serve many times longer (about 1000 hours) and give a brighter light, which significantly improves visibility.

– Xenon Light. Xenon has a very bright white glow that surpasses halogen and classic lamps in terms of flow power, and their service life reaches 2000 hours.

However, it must be recalled that when choosing xenon optics, it is important to know that not every car can install such lamps.

– LED Light. As a source of light for dipped and main beam LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps have been used since 2007. The advantages of this light are: durability (the lamp can last up to 30,000 hours) and the absence of thermal radiation (such lamps do not heat up). LEDs are also widely used for instrument lighting, interior lighting, like daytime running lights and when tuning a car.

The Advantage of LED Lights

Long Life

LED lamps for headlights have special properties for their operation. They are extremely durable. For example, such lighting devices last 8-10 times longer than halogen lamps and xenon.


The power consumption of the LED lamp is 2 times lower than the standard, which reduces fuel consumption in the car. Note that for fuel costs this factor is extremely important.

Excellent Light-shadow Border

LED lamps do not blind oncoming traffic, which positively affects driving safety.

Instant Start

Led light can instantly get start within 0.2 seconds, which is quitely useful when using on signal lights. Image that if you are driving at 120km/hour and you need to brake your car, your brake light is on before 0.2 second compared to factory halogen bulb, which will give the driver behind you more time to react and may avoid an accident. So I will suggest you to change the factory brake light bulb to 1157 led bulb because it really works.

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