The Prons and Cons of Led Car Lights

Led Car Lights

Many cars do not even belong to the segment of expensive models already offered from the factory with a set of headlights based on LED bulbs. They have several advantages, although they have some disadvantages. Even if the car from the factory does not equip with such light bulbs, this does not prevent the car owner from switching to standard or modern halogen bulbs, xenon, or incandescent bulbs to more modern and efficient LED bulbs.

Led Car Lights

The Benefit of LED Car Lights

There are several reasons why LED bulbs are the best choice for installation in a car:

  • LEDs are capable of producing more light per watt of energy than any other household bulb. Their efficiency saves electricity and can exceed the usual rate by more than ten times.
  • LED elements work without heating, which distinguishes them from incandescent bulbs, which got their name precisely because of this feature. In some cars with classic light bulbs, plastic is melted, which located next to the light source.
  • LED bulbs have pure white light, which makes them more convenient – such lighting does not distort the perception picture. This result affects people outside the car, as LED headlights increase the visibility of the car for other drivers. Also, for decorative purposes, you can purchase LED of any color.
  • LED sources have a longer life compared to incandescent bulbs, which allows less frequent replacement. LEDs work about 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and, on average, ten times longer than fluorescent ones.
  • They also characterized by high strength flasks, protection from external influences, including vibration and moisture.
  • LED sources have a faster turn-on time, which can play a decisive role on the road, allowing you to protect the driver and passengers from an accident.
  • LED illuminators allow you to change the angle of radiation due to optical elements (lenses).
  • LED bulbs are completely safe for the environment and the human body – they do not have a harmful effect. They do not poison nature during processing, and also do not contain mercury.
  • LEDs are significantly smaller than other bulbs.

Thus, LED sources to turn out to be a much more profitable choice than ordinary incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They are not in danger of breaking the thread since electrodes in a gas-filled medium used for lighting. They can be used in any lighting, whether it is headlight or the 912 led bulb in the reverse light.

Led Car Lights

The Disadvantages of LED Car Lights

  • In addition to many advantages, LED bulbs also have several disadvantages that do not allow them to replace incandescent and halogen elements completely:
  • The high price, which is explained by the fact that production requires many expensive elements. Also, the creation of such bulbs requires sophisticated technological equipment. It believed that LED sources do not pay for themselves either in terms of service life or quality – they are quite expensive.
  • In the event of a breakdown of an element, the LED source cannot repair – this distinguishes LED from other bulbs. Thus, when the LED breaks down, it is necessary to change the entire element, which requires additional expenses.
  • In the United States, most LED elements produced contrary to laws and standards. These results in the occurrence of fires and short car circuits, as well as overloads of the power supply network. Also, another violation of the law of marketing is the periodic lack of labeling and characteristics of the packaging. This result makes it difficult to select an element.
  • Most LED elements, whose role is to produce white light, have a dip in the spectrum at around 480 nm. This dip leads to the fact that the eye cannot respond to the wavelength in a normal way, narrowing the pupil. Thus, an excessive amount of blue light gets into the eyes, which can disorient in the short-term and affect the retina in the long-term. Experiments on mice have confirmed this assumption. Somehow, some companies have already invented safe bulbs.
  • LED elements tend to fade, which leads to a decrease in brightness.

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